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How to reduce CPU fan's constant whirring up and then down

The CPU fan on my home server is making me crazy, when I built it for the purpose of being small and quiet. I have an ASRockRack E3C236D2I with...

Looking to buy a server what kind

Hey guys, I just graduated with an associates in IT and I want to get into my ccna and learn some VMware or hyperv to maybe run some vm's with ple...

Dear Mojang. Please go easy on the villager upgrades.!!

J'ai joué chaque instantané récemment. Créer un nouveau monde quand une nouvelle version sort. Et ... les vieux village...

Village zombie dans 1.13.2

J'ai récemment commencé à jouer à Minecraft après une longue pause et j'ai lancé un nouveau monde de su...

Jimbo fisher leaving florida nation for texax AM

Jimbo Fisher is leaving Florida place for Texas AM, four yrs whilst top the Seminoles within the path in their third country wide become aware of.F...

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